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NLT's response to my invitation to share her story—and a few bonus letters (including one from someone who would like to meet a good devotee)—after the jump... I've been a fan for years, and you really helped me come to terms with having this unusual attraction, which is why I felt I had to write in.

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well, because people don't send me questions when everything's going great.

I hear from folks when someone has done 'em wrong or when they've done someone wrong.

This problem is exacerbated when the bad actor in a particular situation represents a group like devotees, i.e.

I was so sad to read another letter about a crazy devotee in your column this week.

What that woman did was horrible, and the girlfriend should absolutely dump her.

But I'd appreciate it if you could let your readers know that not all devotees are like that.Most of us are moral, responsible adults who would never objectify someone the way GIMP's girlfriend did.people who are rarely out to friends family members about their sexual identities and/or interests.When a bad devotee makes an appearance in "Savage Love" my readers can't weigh what they're learning about this one particular devotee against what they know about the devotees they know and love...because the devotees they know and love aren't out to them about being devotees.It's something to bear in mind, gentle readers, when someone with rare or deeply stigmatized sexual interests makes an appearance in the column.