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Adult Chatters is a New FREE Naughty Social Network where you can find and connect with other people with similar interests, share fantasies and explore your sexuality in a fun safe environment with other like minded individuals.

And it's likely a list that I never actually asked to be on, so technically, this e-mail looks like it fits the legal definition of spam in this country.

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Hi g REG, We recently contacted you regarding advertising for one of our clients.

We pay an annual fee to you as soon as the advert is live.

It is a straightforward process and we work with you to make sure we fit naturally with your site. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll send you more details. Would you be interested in selling us a simple text based advertisement on your website I've never had advertising on this site, and I know I don't get too much traffic (especially to this blog). This likely has something to do with my frequency of blogging, but somehow I get caught up in things that are a bit higher of a priority for me. That said, I'm not sure how advertising would "fit naturally" with a site that is designed, in part, not to have advertising on it.