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dot Connect for Oracle supports all three datatypes. Execute Non Query() + " rows affected."); } finally { my Connection.

Close(); } } static void Download Blob(Oracle Connection my Connection) { Oracle Command my Command = new Oracle Command("SELECT * FROM Pictures", my Connection); my Connection.

Read()) { //Obtain Oracle Lob directly from Oracle Data Reader Oracle Lob my Lob = my Reader.

Create); //Use buffer to transfer data byte[] b = new byte[my Lob.

Once you create an Oracle Lob instance corresponding temporary LOB appears on the server, and any data you insert into the object is sent immediately to server.

An example of using temporary LOBs you will see later in the article. Write() methods to transfer data to and from server.

Binary data is generally represented as stream of bytes, or buffers. dot Connect for Oracle allows manipulating BLOB data in most convenient ways. This is the difference to the way that data of LONG or LONG RAW types is stored in database - tables hold their immediate values. The next sample routines show how to upload a file from hard disk to server and download it back. Read Bytes(stream Length), 0, stream Length); //Perform INSERT Oracle Command my Command = new Oracle Command( "INSERT INTO Pictures (ID, Pic Name, Picture) VALUES(1,'pict1',: Pictures)", my Connection); Oracle Parameter my Param = my Command. Another issue you should be aware of is temporary LOBs. To execute these routines you have to create a table that is described as follows: static void Upload Blob(Oracle Connection my Connection) { //Open file on disk File Stream fs = new File Stream("D:\\Tmp\\test.bmp", File Mode. Read); Binary Reader r = new Binary Reader(fs); my Connection. This kind of object is not referenced by any table yet. You have to use temporary LOBs when inserting new data to a table. Value is treated as array of bytes (byte[]), whereas Oracle Db Type. Open(); //Create temporary BLOB Oracle Lob my Lob = new Oracle Lob(my Connection, Oracle Db Type. In dot Connect for Oracle, you can create temporary LOB using Oracle Lob constructors.