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Google released last week a new version of its Google Maps for Mobile application.

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But what caught my interest in last week’s announcement is a new feature in Google Maps: it can now plot your location using the cellphone towers of your mobile network.

The application then displays a blue dot showing a bigger light blue circle to display your approximate location. Previously, you can plot your locations in mapping applications if you have a GPS (global position system) device or module.

With the new Google application, the software can plot your location via triangulation of your position using the cellphone towers that connect your phone to your mobile network.

Phone models The My Location feature, however, works only in more recent phone models.

I don’t know if Google will ever allowing you to share locations but it would be a good application.

If it is able to get position data without the application running (but is is this even possible?), it would be helpful in tracking the general area of the unit when it gets stolen or lost.I tried it with the Sony Ericsson K750i and it didn’t work, which I expected. For the feature to work, your phone must be reporting cells it is using.You can check in the application itself by going to Help, then About then read the settings listed there.If the screen says “myl: N/A,” it means My Location will not work with your device.I don’t know on which phones the feature will work but I suspect it will work with the Sony Ericsson K660i, a fabulous phone that’s making me drool.