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Looking after oneself is considered to be #1 priority for a woman. Details Russian advertising media may be saying goodbye to any reference to sexual attraction.

The website visitors were supposed to answer whether they were satisfied with what they had or had regrets about something they didn’t do for their careers.

The regrets Ukrainians have about their careers The largest share of respondents (59%) believe…

Details 65-year-old Fedor Konyukhov from Russia has set a world record in around the world balloon ride.

Details American guys like Russian girls because they are beautiful and feminine.

It may sound like a promotion but it’s the actual truth.

10 reasons why American guys like Russian girls Beauty.Girls from Russia are devoted to beauty and fashion.The Russian adventurer reached Western Australia after an 11-day flight. Details Trying to find out whether Elenas Models fake or legit?He beat the previous world record of 13 days by Steve Fossett from the USA. Here is a report by a customer with an experience of good and bad.(Originally published as a comment to the post How quickly can you meet a girl on EM?) By David Why Elenas Models is a legit site I would like to share…