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Thanks to the subscription system we have put in place several monthly updates can occur for both FREE and GOLD Members! This project is far from complete, however, updates can finally resume now that all builds of the game, both on our website and here on NG, are stable and have been optimized to avoid 150MB swf files.

There must be something driving this machine and that is subscriptions.

Subscriptions have made every update in the archive of our website possible. Anyone who tells you we just do blowjobs isn't trying hard enough!

Without subscriptions I would still be doing this as a hobby, releasing an update say, every four months. ) GOLD CONTENT - Subscribe today for premium gold content, Starting at $5.00/month; : : All Zones Going HD! : : Multiple Updates Monthly : : Early Access to the Red Light District Beta ---- MORE ON THE WAY!

12/4/2013 FROM CROWCHILD It's FINALLY coming together!

The latest build of High Tail Hall is currently being assembled.

Since there have been some furs on the comments section that seem to think we at HTH Studios have forgotten our fans, I've decided to throw the doors open early and let you peek in.This marks a big step for HTH Studios as we started this project on Newgrounds over TEN YEARS ago.Many seem to think my absence from Newgrounds has been due to some sort of lack of interest or pursuit of funds.This is not the case, although having to establish HTH Studios as a stable business did take priority through 2013 hence the mass of updates that have occurred on our site as opposed to the build featured on Newgrounds.I have been keeping the Newgrounds build close to my chest because I want you to enjoy it, and I did not want to rush a half ass release to you, simple as that.On that note I want to make something clear to some of my more vocal critics.