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, authored by Peter Joseph, reflects on the the myth of Jesus, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as on a number of conspiracy theories related to those three main topics.

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If you dig deep enough into any one of the issues and resolutions presented in the film you'll find that there are actual facts to support each one of them. We can't afford to wait and debate whether "God" exists or not. We're running out of time and most importantly resources.

If there is a God, I doubt he likes this use of money and the monetary system and how those in power (with money) have used it to benefit only themselves and further destroy the environment and all life on this planet. Six corporations, (mostly made up of families who have married each other for years) are determining the fate of the human race and the planet, through their advertising money spent and blatant misuse and abuse of power. Or are we going to work together and help change the future of humankind for the betterment of all?

We choose to be greedy, we choose to be hateful, we chose to segregate each other into categories, we chose to twist the rules, omit a word, and judge where none of us has a right to judge. It's not even about faith really, it's about being deeply human.

How we choose to deal with our humanity is just a choice.

We all have the same finish line to look forward to.

Faith is what you choose to hope for after you cross it. i aint even watched teh video due to wooden internet! The Main reason they “left out” x D is, Proverbs 25:2, simple as that, the “missing” Books are MENTIONED by NAME in THE BIBLE, then, the SHEER HARDCORENESS of said Books, and how Books Like Jasher, and the facts they contain, which make all movies an books look UTTERLY lame and gay, lets see how many i can list off me hed! there used to be a MASSIVE penalty for leavin them out! The KJV is how one would say, a starter pack, which you read, and then after readin that, you read THIS ONE: FREEE for download in ANY format! If every one of them were written down, I think that the world itself would not contain the written books. SO there are PLENTY Books that Accord with Isaiah ,,, The entire libray of E. White, Jakob Lorber, Ellen White and Emmanuel Swedenborg, i would hazard to say, there is NO BOOK LEFT OUT NOR MISSING, EVERYTHING is in the Standard 66 Books of the Canon, everything else just brings CLARITY, its all about the FIRST 5 BOOKS ALLLLL the other Books, EXPLAIN and DETAIL TORAH, with the MASTER HIMSELF showing the Way. hmmmmm, lemme see, Joh Now there is much else that יהושע did. yeaaaah, like, how come all the cities these [people were raptured from, are like full of sunworship symbols? ag listin apoc to easy, the missing ones i know of, cause Bible is 5 parts, 1: Torah (Gen-Deut) 2: The History (Josh-Ester) 3: The Wisdom (Psalms – Song) 4: The Prophets (Jeremiah- Malachi) 5: The Message (Matt-Rev) Now, Missing from the History is, Jubilees, Testimony of the 12 Patriachs, Jasher an Maccabees, from the Wisdom, Yehoshua ben Sirah, Judit, Tobias, Wisdom of Solomon, and Odes of Solomon, then in the Prophets, Enoch 1 and The Revelation of Enoch, an 2 Ezra/Esdras, then in the Message, Boek van Jakobus (dont know its name in stupid engrish) Gospel o Thomas, Nicodemus 1 an 2, Letters of Abragus, Revelation of Peter, the book of mormon?