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The novel, penned by Ukyō Kodachi will be titled Naruto - Gaara Hiden: Sajin Gensō (Naruto - Gaara's Hidden Story - Sandstorm Illusion).

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They say his partner has already been decided, but…

Naruto and sakura found themselves joined by two new faces – kakashi's replacement as team leader..

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This is a naruto quiz on the character sakura haruno. Play more than 11500 free flash games, online games, dress up games and much more, we add new free games.

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A link to an external website naruto dating sim submitted by a fan of haruno sakura. You are a very loyal person who is very protective of friends.Like, Kiba you love dogs and have many similarities with dogs, namely you are scrappy, loyal, and can't sit still.You hate being inside and love going out to play with your friends. You are not afraid to speak your mind and you have a good head on your shoulders.You are not much of a fighter, but you try hard and learn quickly. Shy and quiet, you are intelligent and strong, but you let your emotions get in the way.Like Sakura, you let your feelings for someone cloud your judgement sometimes. Like Hinata, when you have a crush on someone, you blush and can be shy around them.