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In fact most of us “Jamaican Ras” operate in this manner. However we know sometimes Jah wants us to stay clear and clean for his own reasons.

People get away with what they can folks…bottom line. We do believe that true love is possible, and when we love we love with all our hearts. Love and affection are paramount to a person of Rastafari spirituality. Perhaps if you feel the need to ask these questions, he is not the one for you. We accept the single life and embrace it just the same we would our committed relationship.

For someone who is not ready for this type of love, they may feel undeserving, or “smothered” Rastas get into a relationship intending to stay there, most of us, for the most part. With love, food tastes better, life looks brighter, and we can be mentally clearer. Many women have put comments regarding their relationship wondering, is he truthful? If your man is clearly accessible and perhaps you want to deepen the bond the two of you have as a non Rastafari woman, trust him, and believe what he tells you about “Jah” and about life. We believe the relationship is the marriage, and like marriage if we no longer want to be in the relationship we will leave. A Rasta in a long-term relationship, typically is a happy one.

I know many of you wonder what Rastafarians believe on a whole slew of topics, but I wanted to make this post specific on love dating and marriage.

Many “deep” for lack of better word, Rastafari men and women will not date someone outside of their spiritual beliefs.

We understand that this could mean being single for a long time and even maybe forever.We depend on Jah to bring us the right person when the time is right. Rasta men, are not immune to having multiple relationships with women.However, there are some Rasta who are ok with the notion of meeting someone who is not Rasta and then “converting” that person for lack of a better word, into Rastafari. You will find more men will date a non Rasta woman, and more Rasta women, will not date a non Rasta man. But truly I feel they just have too much love in their hearts. Most Rastafari men I would say 95% are faithful, and 5 percent not so faithful. Bob Marley was a very good-looking superstar, and he was Rastafari.Many women were attracted to him and I’m sure him attracted to them.What I am getting at is this for some men of Rastafari they have many women at one time because the women allow it.On the other hand there are Rastafari men who just don’t believe in sleeping around at all. To settle down and have a family is every single rasta dream.