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The Veteran singer was under fire on various Social Networking Sites like Twitter and Facebook when the news broke that he’s in a relationship with a 16 years old Pinay Teenager. And now, according to a Gabriela party-list Representative, we’ve got some insights about the legal standpoint of their curious relationship.Gabriela party-list Representative Luzviminda Ilagan says that, “We have no problem with that. The way it seems, the way he talks and answers questions during interviews shows that he may mean it seriously with his 16 years old girlfriend.

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If youЂ™re ugly, IЂ™m ugly too In your eyes the skyЂ™s a different blue If you could see yourself like others do YouЂ™d wish you were as beautiful as you And I wish I was a camera sometimes So, I could take your picture with my mind Put it in a frame for you to see How beautiful you really are to me Ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that somedays AinЂ™t no rainbow in the sky When you feel u.g.l.y.

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Live in Romania, I've been waiting a long time for a concert like this, best rock band ever seen. This song is the only reason I know who Bon Jovi is. Really, one would have to say that it deserves the top spot. This ain't a song for the brokenhearted No silent prayer for the faith departed And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud It's my life! ) when dean and sam where singing it it made me love it even more! Always I disagree with the opinions of others, that "Living in a prayer" and It's my life" are better than this one... I love all of BJ songs, but "Always" was the one introducing me to this great band and I haven't stopped loving it till that moment.. Probably the best Bon Jovi song ever This is definitely one of my favorites - Ajkloth Dry Country This one is needs to be voted, it's such a shame that this one is so underrated, one of the greatest song of bon jovi ever, This should be #1 it's absolutely the greatest song ever made it has a awesome solo so it deserves to be on top of everything really bon jovi best tock band ever Their best song ever with the most beautiful solos - taladini An absolute epic! More people should put this song on the top 10 jovi list as its just as good as wanted dead or alive if not better.

For all we know though, none of us is aware of what the real score, the real conversation between the parties are in personal.

Some critics say that the parents of the 16 years old girl are in for it just for the money, some say because they can see that their daughter is truly in love.It may be daunting and unimaginable to many of us to have a relationship with such a huge gap – specially given that the girl here is still a minor – but who knows, maybe they are indeed meant to be.What’s sure though is, in two years time (or less, if they break up) we’ll get to see if it’s the real deal or not. When you say Justin Bieber I say without problems... I'm 15 years and I think that the boys who think that Justin Bieber is better than old rock are stupids. It can cheer your mind It's My Life There seriously is no competition with a song like "Its My Life" around.. Yes, I admit those two are great songs too, but "Always"... You can feel Jon giving all his energy, emotions and soul singing this.. Is the absolutely hit of Bon Jovi, I think this song separates him from every other hair band of the 80's and place him as the king Should at least 2nd Have a Nice Day I loved this song even more once I found out it was Have a Nice Day as in f*** you, have a nice day Bon jovi is a happy artist with songs about hopes and dreams and this song has a amazing guitar riff and an awesome vocal combined with those legendary lyrics Amazing song, much love for the lyrical genius and quality rock perfomance. Very good feeling Bed of Roseswell it's the best lovers song I have ever listen to! great guitar solo and lyrics Very long romantic love song and one of the best rock ballads of all time - ronluna it is the greatest song ever written - xtr3mist This song is just amazing Bad Medicine What is this one doing down at #10? Best song to sing and dance to drunk - Bec This song's obviously underrated and deserves a higher place on the list. I'd love to hear Livin On a Prayer and It's My Life! This is one of my most favorite songs ever, in my top 10 and definitely the best Bon Jovi song. Brilliant lyrics, vocals, guitar solo and atmospheric. I don't know why this isn't number one, it's way better then Livin' on a Prayer Deserves No.