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We want to try and work it out, so let’s see what living apart for a while is like.”, Stassi also dished her thoughts on Lala dating James Kennedy, Tom and Katie’s engagement, Jax and his new girlfriend Brittany, and about how Scheana handles Shay’s addiction.When Stassi Schroeder made her big return to , she revealed that she was still dating Patrick, and that Bravo asked her to lie about their relationship.The reason why Stassi brought up her relationship status was because she revealed that she had to hide the fact that she made up with Katie Maloney off camera, not on camera as seen in the recent episode of Up until now, Schroeder has always been very open and honest with her fans about her relationship with Meagher, which is why she revealed that pertinent piece of information on her podcast.

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She claims that living in separate apartments helped bring them together.

Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond - sometimes styled Amelia Williams after her marriage - was the first companion of the Doctor in his eleventh incarnation.

She was the girlfriend and later wife of nurse Rory Williams, and the mother of Melody Pond, who later became known as River Song.

, the reality star was seen without her boyfriend Patrick Meagher.

She even moved in with her on-again, off-again best friend, Kristen Doute.

So is the former Queen Bee single or still dating her beau?Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher haven’t even been seen together on the reality show, but the fashion blogger claims that they’re still dating.During a recent interview, Schroeder dished about her relationship with Meagher.She admits that although their on-and-off relationship isn’t fun, they are doing their best to make it work for them.“I am into shaking things up, you know, and I’ve said this…We’ve moved in after going from a long distance relationship, which is like the most exciting thing, to then living together.We kind of did turn into an old married couple and it wasn’t very fun, so we’ve made the decision.