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She has been a Northwest resident for 49 years and is always excited to provide much needed services to Northwest families.Caring Transition’s services are solution-based and designed to help families navigate home transitions due to moving aging parents to senior housing, relocation, divorce, or death.

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Money Chat: Credit Score Myths Listen to The Money Chat Vincent Humphrey is an Attorney at Humphrey & Associates PLLC which focuses on Family Law, Real Estate, and Civil litigation.

His passion is in bringing justice and clarity for the everyday working man and woman.

We are proud to announce that Vincent was just awarded “Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year” by the Washington State Bar Association for 2015.He is the only 1, out of over 8,000 possible attorneys to gain this honor.In The Money Hour segment today, Vincent discusses how hiring a good family law attorney is important. Jennifer Malocha, Founder of Wuhoo Coaching is a nationally quoted Certified Horse Assisted Life Coach, Author, Reiki and Shamanic Healer, and Inspirational Storyteller.Her high impact healing retreats and workshops have empowered hundreds of women and men across the nation to authentically release deep trauma, establish healthy boundaries without anger, create more life balance and to live a life they love.Her ultimate vision is to spread world peace amongst humanity on a global scale.In The Money Hour segment today, Jennifer talks about redefining your story. Jennifer Black with Caring Transitions brings over 20 years of experience covering real estate sales, account development and sales management.