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This will ensure that the cabler is qualified to do the job safely and correctly.If you are trying to connect an outbuilding or granny flat, view the guidelines for extending an existing nbn™ service.

In the case where a landlord firmly objects we suggest contacting your local tenant advice service or union as the laws may differ between states and regions.

Checking your address will provide the information you need about the installation at your address.

You can then discuss your current set up with your preferred phone or internet service provider when you order your nbn™ services to find out exactly what you will need.

If you're advised that additional cabling is required for your home or business, ensure that your cabler is registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

We plan to use a mix of technologies to deliver the nbn™ network, using the best-fit technology for the location.

The process to getting started and any installation requirements differ by technology so to get accurate information on how to connect check your address.By checking your address you can find out if the nbn™ network is available to you and exactly what equipment you need to get connected at your address.Once you have checked your address and know the installation procedure we are planning for your home you should contact your landlord or agent as you may need permission.Once upon a time, a couple had the bright idea to utilise their backyard to build a place for granny to live.It was perfect: they were doing their part to look after the ailing dear, without having to give up any of their own space.All parties had a private area to call their own, while a babysitter or a hand in the kitchen was just a patch of lawn away.