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There are plenty of variations of the Tinder drinking game.Though closed now, one Reddit thread shares different rules people have created themselves.Bro Bible and Life Hacker have versions for both men and women, and this user posted her rules on Twitter: The idea is so popular that is constantly being updated with new rules and encourages people to send in their own.

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You can pretty much turn anything into a drinking game if you try hard enough, so why not Tinder?

The basic concept is to drink whenever a user's profile matches one of the rules of the game. If you encounter a group picture where you can't tell who's profile it is, drink.

If you've already hooked up with the person, take a shot.

The Academy Awards are not impossible, but incredibly difficult to enjoy stone cold sober; thanks to them essentially being a 10,000-hour parade of bearded, white dudes crying and thanking their agents for their receipt of a tiny gold man.

They're also perfectly primed for the art of the drinking game; thanks to their endless predictability, inevitable awkwardness, and series of tripping hazards for Jennifer Lawrence.

Everyone's prepared mind, body, and champagne glass for Chris Rock's diversity jabs and Leonardo Di Caprio's climate change entreaties; yet even through the exhaustion and the boredom, we're drawn back every year by the indisputable glamour and thrills of Hollywood's finest gathering together to celebrate the magic of movies.Of course, remember to drink responsibly; a rambling Jared Leto is never an excuse for binge drinking.But, if you need something to pass the time during all those technical awards, he's our definitive Oscars Drinking Game at your dispense.r.hooks.get('reddit').register(function() { var timeout, ad Loaded = false; var age; if (!r.config.logged) { var loidcreated = $.cookie('loidcreated'); if (loidcreated) { age = Math.floor((new Date() - new Date(loidcreated)) / (1000 * 60 * 60)); } } r.frames.listen('adzerk'); r.frames.receive Message('request.adzerk', function(e) { var data = e.detail; r.Serving Event('ad_request', { keywords: data.keywords, placement_types: data.placement_types, properties:, }); }); r.frames.receive Message('response.adzerk', function(e) { var data = e.detail; r.Serving Event('ad_response', { keywords: data.keywords, placement_types: data.placement_types, placement_name: data.placement_name, properties:, adserver_campaign_id: data.campaign_id, adserver_flight_id: data.flight_id, adserver_creative_id: data.creative_id, adserver_ad_id: data.ad_id, adserver_priority_id: data.priority_id, adserver_placement_type: data.ad_type, }); }); function parse JSONHash(hash) { var PREFIX = '{%22'; var json = hash.replace(/^#/, ''); var is Encoded = json.index Of(PREFIX) === 0; if (is Encoded) { json = decode URIComponent(json); } try { return JSON.parse(json); } catch (e) { return {}; } } function load Ad() { if (timeout) { clear Timeout(timeout); } if (ad Loaded) { return; } ad Loaded = true; var $ad = $('#' + "ad_main"); var iframe = document.create Element('iframe'); var parser = document.create Element('a'); = "// [\"s.brandlift.youtubemusic\", \"s.popular\", \"Tinder\", \"s.programmatic\", \"t.relationships\", \"s.loggedout\", \"s.sfw\"], \"origin\": \"https:// \"properties\": {\"page\": \"t3_2advcd\", \"full_url\": \"https:// \"subreddit\": \"Tinder\"}}"; var data = parse JSONHash(parser.hash); = || {}; if (!r.config.logged) { = age; } var page Type; if (/^(\/(hot|new|rising|controversial|top))? $/.test(location.pathname)) { page Type = 'frontpage-listing'; } else if (/^\/r\/[^\/]+(\/(hot|new|rising|controversial|top))? $/.test(location.pathname)) { page Type = 'subreddit-listing'; } else if ($('body')Class('comments-page')) { page Type = 'comments'; } else if ($('body')Class('listing-page')) { page Type = 'listing'; } if (page Type) { data.Type = page Type; } = JSON.stringify(data); iframe.frameborder = 0; iframe.scolling = 'no'; = "ad_main"; = parser.href; = '0'; = '100%'; = '100%'; if (!