Dating a lebanese guy

And, just a few years ago, it was unlikely that most children would ever meet someone of a different background and have the chance to fall in love anyway--so this rapidly changing world takes some time for parents to get used to!

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More than likely, he already has family members who have married Westerners.

It might be good for him to solicit their help in influencing his parents.

Or, if those marriages aren't going well, you'll know why they're so adamant.

A face to face meeting with them may also help break the ice.

If possible, look for a time when you can visit them together, for a holiday or part of summer break.

Lebanese usually are very open to foreigners, so it's likely that if your guy introduces you to lots of family members and friends, someone's going to really like you and telly his parents as much.Be ready to be on your best diplomatic behavior on this trip, perhaps with a few words of Arabic ready, and it will go a long way.Expert: Le Anne Clausen - 12/15/2008 Question Hey there! My boyfriend and I really care for each other and love being together but lately he's been extremely stressed out over a very large issue; I'm not Lebanese. Answer Greetings Katrina, and thanks for your question.He lives here in Canada and came here from Lebanon for school, he's been here 7 years. He knows his family won't approve and when he told his mother over the phone about me stated her disapproval by simply saying "don't get too attached". This is a situation faced by a lot of young couples, that their parents want their children to marry someone of the exact same background as their own. This world is so small and I only believe there is one superior race; the human race. I'm willing to do anything because I hate seeing him like this.Often they believe that this is the only path to a successful relationship.