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Communication is asynchronous, meaning it occurs continuously, 24 / 7, and the interaction that takes place doesn't require that everyone is present at the same time.While admittedly there are drawbacks, e.g., possible inefficiencies of communication flow, difficulty teaching certain subjects, and ), computer-mediated communication has its benefits: Ego is a non issue. Everyone in the classroom is of equal rank and position.No one perceives that anyone’s input is of more value.

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This Web site shares my experiences with online teaching.

I instruct for one of the most prominent and influential online institutions as an adjunct faculty member.

My full time job is in Corporate Communications -- see

How else can we efficiently get this kind of perspective? Classes are offered to all ages, genders and professions.

These folks have varied life experiences and approach things in very different ways.

When else do we access diversity like this from our kitchen tables and gain these rich insights?The trick might be to supplement the method with processes to compensate for its weaknesses.Since my day job is in Communications, I often look at verbal and nonverbal interaction and its relative effectiveness.Naturally, when I began teaching online, I was curious about the virtual method …after all, I’d always thought face-to-face contact was the key ingredient to the learning experience. especially as it relates to , meaning that a computer is the interface among a distributed audience.Students access a central online classroom, post messages to a virtual blackboard, and contribute to discussions via email-type correspondence.