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Sometimes when he asks for an orgasm, she says something like, "Are you sure?

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Even if he'd cried and begged us to let him go when he first realized what we were going to do to him, his attitude would change completely when his orgasm hit, and he'd compound his embarrassment by thrusting his hips and making boy-cum sounds.

It was like my femininity was so powerful that I could make that change happen, and he'd get totally into the idea that his orgasm was on display for my amusement and the amusement of the other girls, and that we'd always remember him that way and be able to tease him about it. That's the way an orgasm is, so there was no way he could help but get into it like that.

Of course when the orgasm subsided, there was nothing left but shame.

The girl who was the object of the crush was the girl who did the honors, and she taunted him mercilessly the whole time. After he came, he cried, and his crush said, "Look at you, Boris...

penis exposed in front of five girls, sperm all over your shirt, tears running down your face, and hopelessly in love with the girl who did it to you.

I suppose I feel a little bit sorry for you, but I still love it! In a few months we may be working together again, and then we'll get to talk more often." I don't think I would have bothered posting this, but I got a comment on my last entry saying I should post more often, so here goes. Anyway, she's come up with another tease for Lonnie.The boy's shirt was all splattered with sperm, and any reasonably savvy girl who saw him during the next half hour would know what had happened to him.He'd just been shown that it's really possible for girls to do to him like we'd just done... His penis was still exposed in front of us, and we'd just told him that he'd never even get to see one of our breasts.Worst of all, he knew that just a minute before, he'd been completely thrilled by the idea of the humiliation he was feeling now, and he knew that we knew it.I think I can identify the boy for whom it was worst, though it wasn't I who stimulated his penis... He was one of the three boys we splashed because we found out that he had a crush on one of the girls in our group, and she didn't want him as a boyfriend but she wasn't totally turned off to him either.