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Period, basically, every chapter is bursting with tons of quality sex without complications ^^ Graphically, this is extremely good, the girls are seriously hot, a bit meaty, with large breasts, welcoming bodies, triumphing smiles, making the V sign, and ecstatic faces. Here comes a complete tank, not using magazine scans, but actual tank scans, which means: very little censorship The highschool girls we see here are total sluts (or call them bitches) who love creampies and sex and, for various reasons (compensating dating, a game, weird school regulations), will indeed have tons of sex.

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Originally, the images were slightly below 3000 px. Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.

Cubes - who runs this account - is early 50s, medium build, 5'11"', and has cropped blonde hair.

As you're here I think it's only fair we tell you something about ourselves and try to articulate what it is we're hoping to find in you.

He has a slightly warped sense of humour (his forum posts stand witness to that) and he leans towards the flirtatious.Sorry boys, but he's proven straight so no need to test his resolve in that area.Theia - who has her own account under that name - is mid 40s, slim build, 5'7", brunette, 36C, and is probably fitter than Cubes due to her regular gym sessions.On the sexuality scale she's recently confirmed her bi-sexuality and it's this area that we're both keen for her to explore further.She tends towards shyness, but is starting to blossom into a fully fledged swinger. Primarily a bi-curious or confirmed bi-sexual woman.Someone who has no immediate agenda, and who is willing to work with us to build an ongoing relationship.