Blocking unwanted mails and updating

To block unwanted spam, your Spam filter must be turned on.

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The virus will be removed from the attachment and a clean and safe attachment will be delivered to you. The email and attachment will be returned to the sender.

Even though your messages and attachments are being scanned for viruses, the safest policy is to never download or open attachments sent from people you don't know and don't click any links in those emails. If so, you can mark any email as Spam and move it to the Spam folder.

The more often you mark messages as Spam, the more you tune your personal Spam filter, making it better equipped to identify incoming Spam emails.

Note: It's recommended to select ' Deliver blocked mail to the Spam folder' just in case a non-spam email gets blocked, you'll still be able to go into your Spam folder and retrieve the message. At the bottom of the page, click Save to keep your changes. You may still get spam in your inbox from time to time, but marking email as spam will help your spam filter identify junk mail as spam. You can block unwanted messages in AOL Mail by adding the senders email address or domain to your list of blocked email addresses and domains under Spam Settings. In the Enter username or email address box, type the email address or domain name that you wish to block and then click the + button to add the email address or domain name to the list.

Note: A domain is the part of the email address after the @ symbol.

For example, if the email address is [email protected], then is the domain.If you've accidentally blocked an email address or domain, you can remove it from the list of blocked email addresses and domains in your Spam Settings. In the upper right, below your Username, click Options and then click Mail Settings. In the Sender Filter section, move your pointer over the email address or domain name that you want to remove from the list, and then click the X located to the right. This system is largely reputation-based, so senders with good reputation will have their email delivered (at which point, your personal filters will perform the extra filtering).Repeat for all the email addresses or domain names that you'd like to remove. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Settings. To make sure this new setting is active in your current session of Mail, click your browser's "Refresh" button (the circular arrow) to reload your inbox. Emails from senders with bad reputation are blocked.If our Global Filters decide to block an email, we return the message to the sender with a mailer-daemon error explaining why the email was returned. If it's been less than five days since you marked the message as Spam, you can still move it back to your inbox.After five days, your Spam folder will be automatically deleted. AOL Mail scans your incoming messages and attachments for viruses to make sure the mail you're receiving is safe.To move a message from your Spam folder back to your inbox: 1. If a virus is found, one of two things will happen: 1.