Aquarius dating a libra

This woman is all over the place when it comes to this relationship.

She loves his beautiful dimpled Libran smile that heals her, and he knows that no one on Earth would ever be able to love him for all his flaws the way that she does.

They are both very clever and enjoy playing practical jokes on one another, there is rarely a dull moment around these two.

I am friends with a couple that are an Aquarian Woman Libran Man named Shayna and Justin.

The last time I went out with them I laughed so hard that my side hurt the next morning.

Aquarius values friendship in a relationship more than anything.

Their definition of love and friendship are usually the exact same.The important things to him will be to have a peaceful and harmonious environment.The two of them are the epitome of their Sun Signs.She is your typical eccentric, intelligent and honest Aquarius.He is your typical charming, lighthearted, and fair Libra. You never know what she is going to say next, and when he teases her he just he turns on that Libra charm, and they are back to being in love.They have been together for years now, and they are even more in love now than the day they first met.